I grew up with a deep hunger for story, like a fire that wouldn’t be put out. I didn't pick up a camera until I was seventeen and until then I had never sat in an art class or heard of the rule of thirds. Naturally the first pieces of art I made in university were pretty awful. It was these earlier years of thirsting for story that kept pushing me to keep working, to keep making, even when the work was bad. Somehow I knew there was something bigger ahead.

Photographing your wedding makes me so excited. When I started getting into wedding photography, it was like I was seeing in color for the first time. The freedom I found in creating art in wedding photography is what I love about it. I decided no matter how hard it was or how much I had to work to do, I had to tell stories for a living. I craved it - that story which is so elusive but so beautifully full. It’s the way we have to know what comes next, what moves us, what brings us to tears or sudden bursts of joy. 

How does this play into your wedding? I see the beauty of stepping into your world, meeting the people that you love, documenting your vows to your loved one and creating images that become timeless to you and your family for decades to come. Your story becomes a legacy. Your children will look at your wedding photographs and see you as you were the day that you married each other.

This is the start of a beautiful thing.

Today, weddings like yours around the globe combine my love of travel with family, culture and story. In the past few years my destination wedding photographer work has taken me across the United States, to Taiwan, British Columbia, London, Wales and Iceland, to name a few. I'm at home in Nashville, TN but no wedding is too close or too far for me to be a part of. 

Finally, you’re the reason I do what I do - my relationships with my clients are incredibly important to me. If you’re in Nashville, I’d love to meet you in person and be your Nashville wedding photographer. If you’re not here, let’s Skype! We can drink cappuccinos and you can tell me things like what you two do on Saturdays together, whether you prefer lattes or red wine, and where on your bucket list you want to travel. I can tell you that I live in a tiny urban farmhouse with my sweet musician husband and our husky pup in Nashville. We just made the move to Tennessee from Minnesota last year, and love wandering around state parks on our days off, watching Friends and drinking coffee.

Your story and mine intersect in this beautiful collision of your wedding, art, travel and love of story. That's the power of wedding photography like this.

Can't wait to meet you.