about - hi, I'm Nicola

At the end of it all, it's about your story becoming a legacy for your family. Your children will look at your wedding photographs and see you as you were the day that you married each other, who you were, and the truth that your life has been always been shaping. My goal is to be there every step of the way. From the initial consultation to handing over both your online gallery and the final, printed pieces from your session or wedding day, this is an experience and a trust that we’re building together. And we'll have a damn good time along the way.

Over the years I’ve photographed over 175 weddings, so directing you and leading you confidently throughout your wedding day has become second nature to me. I work with each of my clients to ensure that they’re present and focused on what really matters during their wedding - spending every moment with the people they love the most - and I promise that incredible photos will be the result, every time.

Today, weddings like yours around the globe combine my love of travel with family, culture and story. In the past few years my destination wedding photographer work has taken me across the United States, to Taiwan, British Columbia, London, Wales and Iceland, to name a few. I'm at home in Nashville, TN but no wedding is too close or too far for me to be a part of. 

Because my work is so connection-based, my relationships with my clients are incredibly important. I recently joined the Someplace Wild team and our client relationships are the heartbeat behind what we do. If you’re in Nashville, I’d love to meet you in person. If you’re not here, let’s set up a time to FaceTime or chat on the phone.  We can drink some coffee or wine and you can tell me things like what you two do on Saturdays together, whether you prefer lattes or cappuccinos, and where on your bucket list you want to travel. I can tell you that I live in tiny house (not actually a tiny house, but it's small) with my sweet musician husband and our husky pup. We spend our days at home making coffee, watching the Office and having bonfires with friends. 

The word "story" and being a "storyteller" has become a really popular way to describe photographing weddings, and yet it's still the best way I know how to describe my work. For me, there's a deep intentionality behind using this word - it's wrapped up in the way I see light, seeing the moments that pass quickly, documenting the relationships between you and your closest people in a single frame. Even more importantly, my entire approach from start to finish is about you. 

This is the start of a beautiful thing - I can’t wait to share the journey with you.