At the end of a day, for a moment, there is a wall in my house that is covered with the most gorgeous patch of crimson light that seeps in through the windows of my front door from the setting sun. This rectangle of light swells and fades from seconds to minutes, but these are the kind of fleeting and beautiful moments I use to describe my work.

There's no time for stiff and posed portraits. We move freely - I direct you to walk, run or to be still, quietly, and the best photos result in a collaboration of trust that we both contribute to. Your wedding is a time to be fully present and fully alive, and I promise you that the most meaningful images will come out of these moments - whether it's sharing your first dance, a quiet walk in the woods or wrapping your arms around  your friends from college as you sway to Billy Joel's Piano Man in the middle of the dance floor.  Weddings are precious, and should be spent with the people you love the most instead of feeling like a day long photoshoot.

The way your fingers make an indent on friends' arms as you hug them. The way your dad's eyes fill with tears for a moment you approach the altar. Your grandma's hands clutching her beaded purse, the fabric of your dress in the wind, the way the sun sets on your reception, the way your hands fit together as you pledge to become one.

It's the tiny things that make you feel like you're reliving your day, ten, twenty or thirty years from now as you look through your photos. My work is made up of moments that weave together to tell the story of what happened on the day you chose to marry your best person, surrounded by the people you love most in the world.

All of the feelings. All love.