Alex and Madeline Epic Sand Dune Proposal

Alex and Madeline have been close to my heart for a while because (well the obvious is because Alex is my brother-in-law but more than that) they're beautiful humans. Like really, really beautiful humans with beautiful hearts. It sounds a little cheesy but it's really the best way to describe them, especially them together. 

Alex came up with this idea to propose to Madeline in Silver Lake, Michigan in these beautiful white sand dunes I've been dying to see for months. We planned it out to the second - we told Madeline we wanted to take some casual photos in the dunes. About halfway into the shoot, I positioned Alex slightly behind her for a fake photo so that he could get the ring out and down on one knee without her seeing. We finished up that shot ("Ok, we're good with that one!") and she turned around. Her face said everything - she had absolutely no idea this was happening. 

And then they got engaged. The ring is this incredible moonstone and rose gold creation and they are so happy. Cue the heart eyes emojis for these photos. Two people I love in this gorgeous desert of sand and this night is one I'll remember for a long time. Can't wait for your wedding next summer, you guys. Can that be in the sand dunes as well? Love you both. 


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