Best of 2017 Weddings + Engagements (cheers to the year!)

It's so funny how the year progresses. When I was booking local Nashville weddings in January/February 2017, I thought I'd be traveling less for destination wedding photography work than I had in years. A few months later and I had more travel on the books than I've ever had. From Wales to Norway to Iceland to Scotland to Minneapolis to California to Colorado to Oregon to North Carolina and back to Tennessee, I am ever-thankful and so grateful for this crazy life.

More than anything or anywhere, it's the people that draw me to photographing weddings. Whether it's ten minutes from my home in Nashville or across the world, you're the heartbeat behind what I do.

What am I the most excited for now that it's January 2018? Quality over quantity is a thing I'm striving for in this coming year - less work but better. More time to work on each set, more time to invest in each person, more time to plan and strategize to move farther forward. I'm working hard at my studio portrait work and am excited to see what comes of that as well as doing editorial wedding sets for 12th Table. It's going to be such a good year. 

Thank you, for trusting me over and over again with your life in images. It means the world and below are my favorite images from 2017.

The best of!