Emma and Stephen's Scandinavian Backyard Wedding

I really have so much to say when it comes to this wedding, and yet maybe just a few words will give you an idea of how beautiful this wedding day with Emma and Stephen really was. They married one June afternoon in the backyard of Emma's parents home in the prairies of western Minnesota, where the grass grows long and children run barefoot. Their families were key parts of this day, Emma's sisters with her from start to finish, Stephen's brother standing as his best man. Emma wore both her grandmother's wedding dress and antique brooch that her mother had worn before her - so much heritage in that alone. 

Their gorgeous Scandinavian styled home with her hardwood floors and Persian rugs set the scene for where Emma and Stephen would say their wedding vows. That night they danced under the sky. With beautiful Norwegian wedding themes woven throughout the day, I couldn't have pictured a better spot for these two to become one heart. Every part was so fitting, the day was so fluid and the joy obvious. 

What moved me again came a few weeks later in an email from Emma after they had returned to their home in Boston -  

"Thank you, once more, for capturing not only the best of the best and the most beautiful of all the beauty in our wedding, but also the little imperfections that constitute the real core of any day. Because marriage is more than one glorious day of celebration, but also a lifetime journey of ups and downs, we feel like your approach to documenting the eddies and currents of emotion, fortuitous wrinkles, gorgeous and fortuitous snags are emblematic of what we have to look forward for years to come: moments of graceful imperfection that are all the more beautiful, because falling short is human, and something we have promised to embark upon together, through thick or thin. Stephen and I feel that embracing this process together is what is important in marriage - and we feel your work in documenting our wedding day has truly captured this."

I'll carry Emma's words with me for a long, long time. Thank you so much, you two. Wishing you all the happiness.



(Huge thank you to Ashley Ham for shooting this day with me)

Bridesmaids dresses: J Crew // Seamstress for bride's dress: Cindy Holte

Makeup: Jennifer and Katie Petersen // Hair: Jenny Skjeret (Salon and Co.)

Chalkboards, decor, programs and graphic design: Molly MacDougall (Love Letters)

Floral: Julia Lundeen // Mismatched plate collection contributions from Hanna Borowski

Food and catering (for charcuterie and dessert): principally Cafe 116, Fergus Falls, MN

Wedding cake (traditional Norwegian kransekake) - Tim Petersen