Iceland Composite Photography: When Everyone Gets the Flu in March

It's March in Tennessee and the weather is slowly getting warmer, but the world outside my front door is still brown. I feel this way every year at this time - I'm itching to make new work, I want to create something even if it's just for myself, and I want to push myself to do new creative things.

So I set up shoots - five of them - with friends or friends of friends just to get humans in front of my lens to play, to explore. And then the flu hit - because it's winter, the flu is still going around and so everyone in Nashville is sick and all of my shoots had to cancel.

Frustrated, I turned to Photoshop one rainy Friday afternoon in my office with no intent of making anything worth showing. An hour later, I found myself looking at this: 


And I love it. It's not perfect, by any means, and some composites like this work and others don't - but this one feels right to me even if it's only for me. I felt a huge creative release as I played around in Photoshop, taking a waterfall image I had taken in Iceland at the last light in December and merging it with a silhouette of Jesse and Lacey from their wedding in Minneapolis a few years ago.

Iceland is such an eerie and magical place that it only feels natural to make composites from the landscapes I've seen and photographed there. My favorite part of this image is how Lacey's wedding veil blends into the waterfall and that everything is soft and fading into shadow. 

I'd love to hear if this speaks to you or not - what does it make you feel? I'll be posting new composites soon - or check out my Instagram to see the most recent work.