Matt and Nina in Bergen in Black and White

A tiny disclaimer before you start scrolling.

This entire set is in black and white - which I'm all about. I've been wanting to showcase a collection in entirely black and white for a while now, but I was waiting for one that just felt right. My time with Matt and Nina in Bergen, Norway, felt right. 

I'd be wanting to go to Norway for years and it finally worked out to where I was in Bergen for two sessions this past June, on my way home from the U.K.  The day I met up with Matt and Nina it rained all morning, and we were soaked to the bone - but I swear Bergen is even more magical in the rain. I was blown away by this city - the homes, the side streets, the incredible Scandinavian design (dying) the coffee, the art.

Getting to run around this incredible city in Norway photographing Matt and Nina was the best. Most of our time together was up on a hilltop where we felt like we were on top of the world with a tiny Bergen below as the rain came down. 

So beautiful - I'd love to go back. Thanks you two. I hope we can all return soon. 

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Nina and Matt walking in the rain in Bergen, Norway
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