Why I Love Wedding Toasts So Much

Toasts at Nashville wedding receptions are always one of my favorite parts of the day, and let me tell you why. It's the time of the night where all the stress has evaporated - you're with your people, you finally got to sit down, maybe you got dessert and it finally hits you that you're actually married, as of today.

And then your favorite people in the world are handed a microphone and they talk about you. The good, the bad, maybe childhood stories or college years of drama, or maybe it's just about what you mean to them and how you've impacted them for the better. I love hearing more about the relationship between the couple and their best friends, their parents, their families, and seeing them well up with laughter or sob with tears as their loved ones toast them on their wedding night is an incredible thing to document.


So of course, the above photo (one of my favorite images of 2016) deserves a whole write-up of its own when it comes to talking about why I love wedding toasts! This shot was taken at Meredith and Andrew's wedding reception at one of my favorite local wedding venues (CJ's Off the Square in Franklin, TN) and it's beautiful to me because the emotion is so rich and so deep. 

What makes me love this wedding photo as much as I do? It's the energy (and the little ring bearer in the corner who looks exhausted from the day with his striped straw!) Laughter from all three, the handing-off of the microphone from one to the other, the way the bride is at ease but also not sure what's going to be said next (we've all been there).

I took this image and it quickly became one of my favorite photographs from all of my weddings last year, because I believe it really tells a story. You look at this photograph and you can feel what they're feeling, you can feel what that moment was like, for a second. Toasts are an incredibly moment to be a part of - and that's why I love being a wedding photographer. 

Some of my other favorite real, emotion-filled moments happened during Madilyn and Benj's wedding in the mountains of North Carolina. Check it out here!