Gathering is our attempt to create an intentional space where photographers can come, gather and reflect on the why that drives us to do what we do.

We started talking about this idea in summer 2016, and since then it's snowballed into something like a workshop, but more so, a safe place. A place to come and collect your thoughts on what it means to create meaningful imagery, renew your spirit, learn from the people around you, and ask yourself how you're going to approach the 2017 wedding season.

We're after something that is timeless. After all the followings, likes and contests fade away, we want our work to still be meaningful. There's purpose right in front of you, and we want to help you grasp what it means to create imagery that matters in the wedding industry.

 Thank you for your curiosity and your interest in Gathering. We're so glad you're here. 

about us 

Based out of Southwest Ohio, Eastlyn and Josh are a traveling husband and wife wedding photography team. They love how photography allows them to share their perspective with others in a way that not only captures what a moment looked like, but also what it felt like. After dabbling in many different forms of photography, they've found this can be applied to the best of their joint abilities in documentary wedding photography.

Together, they enjoy long road trips, camping and fast strenuous hiking, especially hikes that take them above timberline.

 (View Eastlyn and Josh's work here


Nicola is a wedding photographer who calls Nashville, TN home where she lives with her cute husband and husky pup. Wedding photography is currently her choice of art form and she loves to play with medium format and 35mm on the side. She strongly believes there's beauty in everything and that art is one of the most powerful tools of human communication. She's always tracking flight prices to see where they can travel to next.

Days off at home always include excess amounts of coffee, Friends episodes and hikes through the woods. 

(View Nicola's work here)  



While we don't necessary love the term "workshop," we can't deny that is the best word to describe what this is. That being said, we want it to be 50% a workshop and 50% a discussion - a space where we learn from each other. A space where we share our thoughts, our hearts and what really matters to us as wedding photographers.

Every topic below is one we're passionate about. We're excited to share our own journeys and strategies with you through the content below, but we want to hear from you just as much. We want to have those vulnerable conversations where we have the space to talk through the hard things, the good and the bad of working in the wedding industry. 



Date: Monday, April 10, 2017

Day of: We'll have breakfast and coffee ready for you at 8:30am and will plan to start the first discussion block by 9. We'll work through the above content until mid to late afternoon, when we'll head for the live shoot. That evening we'll order take-out and will continue the discussions as late as you want to stay! We're committed to a full day with you. 

Where: Nashville, TN (Exact location TBD - we'll either be renting out a hip Airbnb space you'll love or we will all gather in Nicola's living room for the day, depending on the size of the group)

Investment: $650 (We want to keep this as affordable as we possibly can. We're in this for the community and the learning together, not the workshop $$)

Who: We find that the best conversation usually happens in smaller groups, so we want to keep this intimate. If efforts to do this, we're capping the group at about 10 people for the most quality time.

 All meals, snacks + (lots of!) coffee as well as transportation to and from the live shoot will be provided the day of April 10th. 

(If you'd like to stick around for a few days, we'd be happy to send you some recommendations of great places to stay in Nashville along with what to see!)


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