Finding the Intimacy   Your clients have their own personal touch, a touch that only they can give -the individual way in which they weave their own story into the tapestry of their wedding day .  In all its own beauty and real moments, their story will be there. It's our job to search it out.  We view wedding photography as a collaboration with your client rather than just a service. We'll talk about how to create intimate imagery, the importance of shooting for your client and not your audience, and the vital role of heartfelt and upfront communication.
  Finding the Story   You know those stories that make you weep even if you don't know the couple? Some weddings will do that. In every wedding we shoot there are a million pieces of a story. As artists, we get to find those pieces and patch them together.   We'll be talking about how to find the story in each wedding and how to set up and shoot through moments. The last part of our discussion will be talking about how to show your work and blog in story form.   
  Story in Destination Weddings & Travel    Travel is a huge part of what we both do and love - the mix of different cultures combined with marriage traditions is an incredible thing on a wedding day.  We'll share our personal steps to making this a reality, including building a travel portfolio, networking, budget travel tips, and the importance of being flexible when shooting destination work.       
  Making Photos that Matter   After all of the contests are over and the likes and followings die down, what's your purpose in photographing weddings? We want our photos to leave a legacy in families for years to come, but in the noise of the wedding industry, it can be hard to stay on that track .    In our search for purpose in the wedding world, we're going to talk about what it means to create meaningful imagery and how that completely revolutionizes both approach and your day to day. 
  Discussion +   Day to Day   A huge percent of being a photographer is the the hard nitty gritty stuff of running your own business. Many of us work alone Monday through Friday and then attend weddings where we don't know a soul. We'll have an open and vulnerable discussion about how to find community and the ups and downs of balancing work with your personal life.  We can touch on business and social media strategies here as well - completely Q&A, discussion, all collaborative here.
  Live shoot   This is pretty self-explanatory. We're going to take a real couple to a waterfall and host a live shoot in beautiful Tennessee! We want to show you how we work with light and as well as how to put the things we talked about into practice.  This will also be a chance for you to grab some portfolio images if that's something you're into! 
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