Tips for Planning Your Ireland Destination Wedding

Ireland’s breathtaking natural beauty, ancient ruins, and legendary culture provide an unforgettable backdrop for your dream wedding or elopement. The unique and beautiful  terrain of this small island make Ireland a perfect spot for your destination wedding, and wedding photography that is unmatched in splendor. The diversity is seemingly magical as you can move quickly from the ocean coast to primeval bog land, vast plains to craggy hillsides, and pristine lakes to grassy marshes. There is no limit to the beauty in store for you and planning your wedding or elopement in Ireland will give you some of the most incredible and unique wedding photos imaginable. If you are considering an Ireland destination wedding, I’d love to help make those dreams happen. Below are some tips to get you started!

Whether you have a long engagement to plan your wedding or are seeking a quick elopement, a little preparation can go a long way. Whether you plan to honeymoon in a castle on the Emerald Isle, or a coastal resort, these tips will help to ensure your experience is truly magical.


Plan Your Route

Because Ireland has such a diverse landscape, it is important to research the regions and plan your travels. Determining your route beforehand helps to keep you from missing anything. 


Choose Your Lodging

Ireland has a vibrant history with ancient architecture abounding. You could spend your stay in a fairytale castle and live out Disney dreams. Elegant estates are another option, as are seaside cottages, historic houses, or even lighthouses. With so many incredible options for lodging, look at what is available before you leave. Doing so will guarantee you find the perfect venue.


Consider the Season

For indescribable beauty, Ireland is an excellent choice throughout the entire year. Ireland’s seasons can impact your travel and the weather ranges throughout the year. The season you choose to travel in can have an effect on the cost of lodging and airfare. The most popular season to travel through Ireland is during the months of July and August, but depending on what you desire, it is always a great time to make the trip.


Legal Wedding Requirements

In Ireland, marriage is recognized as being  legal worldwide, so that’s one less thing to worry about in your wedding planning. There are criteria that must be met such as having passports, birth certificates, and photo ID’s. It is also important to give the registrar in the region you plan to wed advance notice of three months. It can be valuable to review the requirements to ensure you are in compliance.


Ireland: Destination Wedding Photography

My wedding photography is documentary and artistic in nature, capturing the whole of your wedding day in a beautiful way. The way your hair blows in the wind as you hug your loved one - the way your family looks at you as you walk down the aisle - how the sun lights up alleyways outside your venue - all of these small things have meaning when put together in a large story format. Ireland fits me well.

If you value photography and want a beautiful approach to your Ireland wedding photos, this could be the perfect fit.


Nicola Harger Photography

Learn more about my story, and why I am so passionate about my work. Feel free to please contact me with any questions and we can set up a time to chat via phone or Skype, and talk more about your wedding specifics. I love having the opportunity to photograph weddings around the world and I’d fly to Ireland tomorrow. You have a story that is both unique and beautiful and I would love to be part of it.

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