I showed up to Meg and Seth's West Elm-inspired home in East Nashville on Sunday afternoon in October to photograph their Nashville engagement. They quickly became some of my favorite people - their aesthetic is beautiful, and they're so kind, so warm. I wanted their engagement photos to reflect who they were in their everyday together, showing their daily life together in a way that was authentically them.

So often couples feel like they need to dress a certain way for their engagement photos or do certain things that maybe they wouldn't ever do in real life. The thing I love about Meg and Seth's in-home session was that it was so honest, it was them. They sit on their porch with beers all the time, they walk their dogs everyday in their adorable neighborhood of East Nashville, they hang at Oktoberfest in Germantown each fall and they often spend time at Shelby Park or get frosty bushwackers on the weekends. 

One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer in Nashville is that I get to meet so many incredible people like Meg and Seth who love each other well. The community in this city is one I'm endlessly thankful for, and with each Nashville wedding I book, I become more thankful because these people are the real thing. And that's the best ever.


I photographed Meg and Seth's Nashville wedding the spring after their engagement photos in various spots around Nashville, including the Frist Center for Arts - take a look here, it's a beauty.