I remember replying to Alli's initial email and her immediately responding to ask if we could get coffee that afternoon. At the time, we were both living in Minneapolis but Alli and Nick were planning to get married at her grandparents' estate in North Carolina, a southern dream of a wedding. Only their closest friends and family would be in attendance, and everything from the vows to the dancing would take place on the front porch.

I'm pretty sure you can't get much dreamier than that. 

When I arrived in North Carolina the night before Alli and Nick's wedding, I couldn't believe how gorgeous her grandparents' property was - ivy covered walls and trellis' for days with flowers blooming on every tree. Alli had spent her childhood visiting NC and having her wedding here meant the world to them. The day of the wedding it rained and rained and rained - even as Alli and her father started to walk down the aisle, the drops were falling - but you wouldn't really even know it seeing the look on her face as she walked up to Nick who was waiting for her. The reactions from their friends and family were some of the most emotional and joyful I've ever seen. The night went long with dinner and dancing and lights twinkling on the front porch, the porch being such a symbol of the heritage that was wrapped up in Alli and Nick's wedding. 

Thank you both so much for letting me come along and document your wedding day. We really had the best of times.