There are too many things I could write about being part of Kylie and John's wedding in Taiwan. I'll start by saying that this is a wedding I'll never be able to forget. Kylie is from Taipei but lived in the States for a few years - she's an old friend of mine but I hadn't seen her in years because she moved back to Taiwan in 2010. When she and John got engaged, she emailed me asking if there was any way I'd consider coming to Taipei to photograph their wedding. There was no way I wasn't going to be there.

I've always had a thing for southeast Asia - I've always loved it - but this was my first time in Taiwan and it's one of my favorite places I've ever been. This tiny island holds more culture and more expression than one could imagine.  Every part of the city feels alive. John and Kylie's wedding was very traditionally Taiwanese in that she wore three different dresses throughout the day and they got married in her church in the city, with the service completely in Mandarin. Their reception had a ten course meal and included various games for the kids who attended, complete with prizes and table toasts that went late into the night. 

The next day the four of us took a driver up to Yangminshan Park for a day after session just outside of Taipei - rolling green hills of tea and trails that seemed to go on forever. You can see the joy on their faces - I love these two, and am so thrilled I got to travel across the world to photograph their wedding in Taiwan. It's stories like these that make me love being a wedding photographer so much.