If you know me, you know I've always wanted to travel. When I started photographing weddings abroad almost five years ago, I realized this was the perfect merging of blending culture with art and wanderlust. Since then, I've been invited into weddings as far away as Taipei, Taiwan to Scotland's incredible Isle of Skye to as close to home as the eastern Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

Now I travel for about 50% of the weddings I'm a part of and can't believe I get to do this for a job. If you're in or traveling through any of places when I'll be there in 2018 and want to connect, I'd love nothing more. 

If you're in any of the areas below when I'll be there and want to book a session, please reach out! No travel fees since I'll already be there.


March Brooklyn, New York + Charleston, South Carolina

April Zion National Park, Utah

May Iceland + Asheville, North Carolina

June Portland, Maine + Houston, Texas

August Yellowstone National Park + Los Angeles, California

September Bozeman, Montana + Milwaukee, Wisconsin + Minneapolis, Minnesota

October Minneapolis, Minnesota

December Seattle, Washington

Spring of 2019 Washington, DC + Captiva Island, Florida