Nicola Harger is a portrait and editorial photographer based out of Nashville, TN.

With a wide fascination for movement and light, she uses her education in photojournalism and studio art to partner with artists and brands to make imagery that speaks powerfully of who they are and what they give to the world.

She co-founded a photography and design studio called Allform in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville in early 2018 where she shoots most of her work. She frequently works with designers, artists, bands, modeling agencies, brands and businesses all across the US.

Originally from the Minneapolis area and now based in Nashville, she and her husband love to travel as much as they love slow Saturday mornings at home with their dog.

She splits her work between medium format and digital and finds inspiration in the beautiful simplicity of everyday things, like the way light falls onto the floor of a kitchen or the design of an open window.

Favorite brands she’s worked with: Warby Parker, ONA Bags, Clary Collection, WithCo Cocktails, Spotify, ABLE, Henrietta Red, 12th Table, White’s Room & Board, Candle Bar, Eesome Co, Honor Of, Elizabeth Suzann.

Above portrait by Gene Pease. |  @nicolaharger |  Copyright 2019 Nicola Harger | All Rights Reserved