Madi Reimer for Tradlands Clothing

Madi and I spent a sunny September morning roaming around Germantown in Nashville, her first time visiting Music City with Tradlands. I wanted the movement and excitement of being in a new city to feel new and fresh as if the viewer was seeing Nashville for the first time, through her eyes - and what you choose to wear on your first day in a new city really can defines your memory of your time there.

Snapshots from the past but still very much in the present, black and white film will always feel nostalgic to me. By intentionally setting this nostalgia feeling as the framework for this set, we were able to achieve a look that now really feels like ages ago. All photos in our travel transport us back to where and when we were somewhere new, and I hope you can try to relive this day through these photographs like you were there as well.

All images shot on medium format Ilford HP5 and scanned by State Film Lab.