Numinous Flux

Led by artistic director Laura Valentine, Numinous Flux is a contemporary dance studio based in Nashville, Tennessee. With their show Breathe hitting the stage this month, we got together to create moving imagery to draw viewers into the show.

From Laura: “Breathing is a phenomenon, a life source that connects us. Our breath is tied to emotion, physical exertion, and our experience as a human. All contemporary dance works in this show are informed by breath. This show is conceived out of the realization that most people I've come in contact with are experiencing, or have experienced some type of anxiety. I want to create a holding space for breath in the midst of the chaos. A space to connect and feel understood in conversation with the dancers - a calm in the storm."

It was truly an honor to photograph them, like this as they prepared for their series of shows.

Produced by the incredible Whitney Gorbatt with wardrobe by Natalie Busy and backdrop made by Telicia Lee. Film scanned by Boutique Film Lab here in Tennessee.